Thrall ISD is providing assigned Chromebooks for individual students in 3rd-12th grades again for this 2022-23 school year.  3rd-4th grade students' assigned Chromebooks  are kept on carts in the classrooms and do not go home with the students. 5th-12th Grade students' Chromebooks are taken home with the students daily for charging. Students in lower Elementary grades have shared Chromebooks in their classroom centers.

All 3rd-12th grade students' parents are highly encouraged to purchase the optional insurance program the District makes available to protect families from costly repairs related to accidental damage or theft of the Chromebook through Smart Tech Insurance. There is an enrollment fee of $23 to participate in this insurance program, and the parent creates an online account through Smart Tech, adds their student(s) and device(s) to their account. The Thrall ISD IT Department processes all of the claims needed for repairs or recovery of the Chromebook with Smart Tech.   If the optional insurance is not purchased for the Chromebook, the parent is responsible for all repair/replacement costs of the Chromebook whether damage/loss occurs at school or elsewhere. These common repair costs range from approximately $55-$350.  Intentional or negligent damage is not covered under this program, and the parent is responsible for all of these repair/replacements costs.  

High School students can pick up their Chromebooks at Meet the Teacher, August 8, 5:00-7:00 pm at the IT Building behind the main Middle School Building. 

Middle School student Chromebooks will be distributed from the IT Building to students during the first few days of school according to a schedule by grade level.  More details on this schedule coming soon.

3rd-4th grade student Chromebooks will be available on the classroom carts for students to use when school begins, as needed.

Do I Need Student Chromebook Insurance?

Smart Tech Insurance Information-English

Smart Tech Insurance Information-Spanish

TISD Student Chromebook Handbook 2022-23