school board forward together

January is School Board Recognition Month and Thrall ISD is celebrating its trustees for their dedication and commitment to the district and its students.

The theme of this year’s School Board Recognition Month is "Forward, Together", which highlights the collaboration among school leadership, all campus and support staff, and parents on behalf of students.

“Recognizing the efforts of our volunteer school board is so important because of all the hard work trustees put in to making our district a success,” Tommy Hooker, Superintendent, said.

Dan Troxell, executive director of the Texas Association of School Boards, also applauds the efforts of trustees in providing leadership and good governance so that school districts can focus on educating the 5.4 million public school children in their care.

“Texas school boards are critical to the success of students and the future of Texas,” Troxell said. “Boards lead their districts in the right direction, providing oversight, setting goals, overseeing the budget, and selecting and evaluating the superintendent. These volunteers serve for the betterment of their local schools and communities.”

Join Thrall ISD as we recognize our Board members for all of their volunteer efforts for the District:

Bryan Holubec, President

Rodrigo Reyes, Vice President

Stephanie Ochoa, Secretary

Sonny Chandler, Trustee

Brian Drummond, Trustee

Wesley Grisham, Trustee

Wesley West, Trustee

Thrall ISD Board of Trustees

Texas Association of School Boards