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Thrall ISD has received the Demographic Report 2021-22 prepared for the District by Zonda Education.  Mr. Bob Templeton, Vice President-Zonda School Segment, presented this information at the BOND 2022/School Board Meeting on Wednesday, March 30. 

Zonda Education's Demographic Report 2021-22 prepared for Thrall ISD includes information in the following areas:

Enrollment History
Local Economic Update
State Enrollment Trends
Thrall ISD Historical Home Sales
Thrall ISD Home Price Analysis
District Residential Parcels by Year Built
District Housing Overview
Residential Activity 
Future Residential Activity
Student Distribution Analysis
TEA Transfer Report
Ten Year Forecast by Grade Level
Ten Year Forecast by Campus Level
Ten Year Forecast Concept – (PK‐5th model)
Key Takeaways
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